Caryn Kreitzer -Ceramic Artist

I have been working with clay for many years. I received my MFA in Ceramic Sculpture from the University of Tennessee in 1986. After graduating I moved back to my roots, New York City. I have always loved the healing quality of forming clay as well as drawing, painting, and sculpting it. Clay has unlimited possibilities and that really inspires me. Over the years my sculptures have mostly been narrative pieces and my pottery colorful and playful. Both focus on gesture and movement. A moment in time. Life in this moment is all we really have and that moment is most precious.

My 2 dimensional work has always played a part, to inspire my ceramic pieces. Currently I am working more and more with 2-D media, such as pastel, collage, printmaking, watercolors and encaustics.

I have shown Nationally and Internationally, I have 3 pieces in the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza, Italy, and my pottery in the Koryn Shoto Kai, flower arranging school in Tokyo.